RAM now available for streaming at Wednesday 10th February, 2010 by HG

RAM now available on Spotify:

RAM - Lightbringer

RAM - Forced Entry

If you use Napster you'll find them here:

RAM - Lightbringer

RAM - Forced Entry

RAM sign with AFM Records at Wednesday 13th May, 2009 by HG

We are proud to announce that we have signed a worldwide
license record deal with AFM records. Our new album "Lightbringer"
will be released on June 19th.

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RAM @ Paranoid Open Air at Wednesday 15th April, 2009 by HG

RAM confirmed for Paranoid Open Air festival, Slovenia on Aug 15.
Paranoid Open Air continues the tradition of Metal Mania Open Air -
what Metal Mania provided from 2002-2008. Other bands on the bill
include Blaze Bayley, Atheist and Agnostic Front.
For more info, visit Paranoid Open Air

RAM confirmed for Keep It True Festival at Tuesday 31st March, 2009 by HG

RAM have been confirmed for next year's Keep It True XIII festival,
set to take place April 23-24, 2010 at Tauberfrankenhalle
in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany.

More info here: KEEP IT TRUE XIII Festival

New RAM track online at Thursday 19th February, 2009 by HG

Our new album "Lightbringer" is mastered and ready for
release. To celebrate this we have decided to make the
track "Awakening the Chimaera" available for all you manic
Old school headbangers here on our Myspace profile.
The track features guest vocals of E from blackest metal band
Watain. The album was mastered at Studio Bohus Mastering by
Dragan Tanaskovic.

New album update at Saturday 7th February, 2009 by HG

Compared to 'Forced Entry' the 'Lightbringer' album is a
step in manydirections for us. Forced Entry was a very straight
forward (in RAM terms) Heavy Metal album, Lightbringer is more
concept orientated and it displays an array of different themes
that are noticeable in songwriting, lyrics and throughout the production.

Including a horror mantra that features Mexican poet Adelaida Caballero
performing one of her profound, surrealistic and magick poems, this album
offers hard and heavy but quite unorthodox Heavy Metal songs that feature
many twists and different parts, along with melancholic and very melodic
pieces. E from the infamous Black Metal band Watain is featured on one
track which is A Modern Heavy Black Metal track and he lays down some
Sinister vocals indeed. Something as unusual as a metal horror opera,
'The Elixir' features a macabre tale in vein of Edgar Allan Poes work.
Our most epic track to date and also the longest RAM song ever recorded
is a song about the Battle at Suomussalmi in 1939 during the Finnish winter war.


1. Crushing the dwarf of ignorance
2. Lightbringer
3. In Victory
4. Awakening the Chimaera
5. Ghost Pilot (MI II)
6. Suomussalmi (the few of iron)
7. Blood God
8. Titan
9. The Elixir
10. Prelude to Death

RAM start mixing new album at Thursday 18th December, 2008 by HG

RAM enter the studio to complete the new album. The album,
which was produced by Johan Reivén and RAM, was recorded
at "Studio Bongo", Gothenburg, where the album also will be
mixed during December.

Teutonic Swedish Alliance - New Iron Age vol. 1,
12" vinyl compilation now available in the shop.

RAM News update at Sunday 22nd June, 2008 by HG

Now in the last phase of the recording of the new album
RAM will be taking a break to perform Live in Gotheburg
at the IRON MAIDEN aftershow party at STICKY FINGERS
on the 26th of July.



RAM enter the studio at Thursday 3rd April, 2008 by HG

After a busy time rehearsing the new songs we've
finally entered the studio. In the next couple of
weeks we'll spend our time recording the new album
in Studio Bongo, Gothenburg.

RAM Live in France at Saturday 3rd November, 2007 by HG

RAM to headline 'Scandinavian Metal Attack' @ Boite ā Musiques
in Wattrelos, France, January 19th 2008.

RAM Live at Tuesday 30th October, 2007 by HG

RAM Live @ 'Mario's Metal Meeting' November 11th,
Venue 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

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RAM return to Spain at Wednesday 17th October, 2007 by HG

RAM to headline 'Pounding Metal Fest,
November 17 @ Sala Ritmo, Madrid
Once again Tyrant of 'Nifelheim' will handle the bass.

RAM news update at Tuesday 9th October, 2007 by HG

Release date set for the 'New Iron Age Vol.1' from New Iron Age Records.
This compilation contains 6 brand-new tracks from the bands participating,
each recorded exclusively for the
compilation. Artwork can be viewed here.

Release date: 3rd of November

News update at Monday 17th September, 2007 by oscar

Leif Larsson will not be able to join RAM in Germany the 28 and 29 of September, instead TYRANT of the mighty cult Black, Speed metal band NIFELHEIM will handle the bass and enforce the Heavy Metal Tyranny on these dates. Be prepared for Violence and Heavy Metal Carnage!!!!

RAM in the studio at Sunday 5th August, 2007 by HG

RAM to participate on a six-way split 12" compilation.
At the moment RAM is in the studio recording the track
which seems to be the longest piece of music recorded by
the band so far. The compilation is scheduled for an October/
November release.

RAM News at Tuesday 19th June, 2007 by HG

RAM German live dates confirmed

September 28 Mannheim @ 7er-club
September 29 Bitterfeld @ Festung

RAM is since some time also on Myspace. Check it out!

RAM Live at Monday 26th March, 2007 by HG
Date added to the German mini tour.
RAM Live @ Climax, Ludwigshafen April 4th

Live dates in Germany for April 2007:

April 4th @ Climax, Ludwigshafen
April 5th @ Kofferfabrik, Furth
April 6th @ Die Halle, Frankfurt
April 7th @ Raz, Datteln
April 8th @ K4E Festival, Headbangers Ballroom, Hamburg

RAM News update - New album in the works at Tuesday 2nd January, 2007 by HG
Happy New Year!
We are hard at work with our next yet untitled album.
The songs are coming along well and the album is set
for a release later in 2007.

More live dates in Germany for April 2007:

April 5th @ Kofferfabrik, Furth
April 6th @ Die Halle, Frankfurt
April 7th @ Raz, Datteln
April 8th @ K4E Festival, Headbangers Ballroom, Hamburg

Live clips from Swordbrothers posted online at Friday 15th December, 2006 by HG

Video clips from the Swordbrothers Festival
posted online. View 'Infuriator' at this location (45 Mb) .

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RAM Live in Hamburg, Germany at Friday 1st December, 2006 by HG

RAM is confirmed for the KUTTEN4EVER FESTIVAL on April 8th 2007.
Other bands on the bill are Piledriver (Can), Thunderstorm (Ita),
Existence (Ger).

News update at Wednesday 18th October, 2006 by HG
Photos from the 'Gothenburg Old School Metal Assault' posted online:


RAM News update at Saturday 19th August, 2006 by HG
As previously reported RAM will perform in Gothenburg
next month, however the date is changed to 30th
of September and this night WOLF and Powevice (NL)
are invited to 'Musikens Hus'.

In other news I can say that the 7" vinyl single is
on it's way. Also the RAM Forum is now open.

RAM Live - September Gig dates at Saturday 29th July, 2006 by HG

September 9 @ (tba), Sønderborg, Denmark
Septemper 14 @ Climax Rock Club, Ludwigshafen, Germany
September 15 @ Hagalaz Club, Elterlein, Germany
September 16 @ Swordbrothers Festival, Andernach, Germany
September 30 @ Musikens Hus, Gothenburg, Sweden

RAM live in the Netherlands at Wednesday 19th July, 2006 by HG

RAM Live in Eindhoven, Netherlands @ 'Te Moeilijk Feest' July 20th.

RAM Live at Tuesday 6th June, 2006 by HG

RAM Live @ Pub Anchor, Stockholm, Sweden June 16th & 17th

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RAM to release vinyl single at Wednesday 31st May, 2006 by HG

RAM releases split single through Metal Coven Records
with a previously unreleased version of 'Sea of skulls' and
a Venom cover, 'In League With Satan'. Listen HERE.

To pre-order your copy of this limited edition single
(500 pcs) which is scheduled for a release in June,
simply mail:

The price will be around 6 EUR (shipping included).

RAM Live at Swordbrothers Festival at Tuesday 23rd May, 2006 by HG
RAM will be performing @ Swordbrothers Festival
September 16th in Andernach, Germany.

RAM Live @ Bonded By Blood Festival at Wednesday 17th May, 2006 by HG

RAM Live @ Bonded By Blood Festival on June 4th @
Lichtschauspielhaus, Itzehoe, Germany.

For more info check here.

RAM Live in Germany at Friday 12th May, 2006 by HG

RAM Live @ Festung Open Air 3-4 June, Bitterfeld, Germany.

RAM will perform live at the Festung Open Air on June 3rd
along with PRIMORDIAL, DESTRÖYER 666 and many more.
Info can be found at United Metal Maniacs.

Live clips posted online at Thursday 20th April, 2006 by HG

Video clips from the gig at Trägårn in Gothenburg on
January 19th posted online at this location (low quality).

RAM Live at Wednesday 19th April, 2006 by HG
RAM will be performing live at 'Metal Massacre' @ Diezel in
Halmstad, Sweden, together with Blind Dog and Scenteria
on April 29th.

For the Japanese Ram-bangers out there looking for the limited
edition 'Forced Entry' digipak, you'll find it here.

News in The Black Path Metal Recordings webshop at Monday 20th March, 2006 by HG
Check out the new T-shirts in the webshop (accessed via SHOP link).
Some new cool shirts with front and back print.

RAM Live in Greece at Wednesday 8th March, 2006 by HG
RAM will be performing live in Athens, Greece
at the 'Up the Hammers Festival' on May 27th.
This is the first time for RAM to play in Greece
and we really look forward to it. See you!

RAM Live in Oslo at Wednesday 11th January, 2006 by HG
RAM to open for Gamma Ray in Oslo, Norway.

RAM will perform live in Oslo @ Rockefeller January 18th
as opening act for Gamma Ray and as previously reported:

Jan 14 Stockholm @ Arenan, Gamma Ray, Storyteller
Jan 19 Gothenburg @ Trägårn, Gamma Ray, Storyteller

More information here: www.rockefeller.no

RAM Quiz Winners at Wednesday 11th January, 2006 by HG

Here are the lucky winners
of the 'Forced Entry' cd:

Jon Malmin, Sweden
Samuel Johansson, Sweden
Ignacio Navarro Contreras, Spain
Jens Nilsson, Sweden
Thomas Krause, Germany
Andrew Schwiebert, USA
Matthieu Vallée, Canada
Paola Bonizzato, Italy
Juha Lahti, Finland
Stefan Gaechter, Switzerland
Chris Haas, USA
Stephen Stewart, Scotland
Michael Schwarz, Germany
Anders Axelsson, Sweden
Alessandro Francesco, Italy


Black Path Metal Recordings webshop at Monday 5th December, 2005 by admin
The Black Path Metal Recordings webshop is now online and can be accessed via the SHOP link.

CDs, Shirts and more available.

RAM News update at Monday 5th December, 2005 by HG

Photos from the release party @ Sticky Fingers,
Gothenburg Nov 24th, now available at this location.

To celebrate the release of our new album
there will be a small competition where 15
lucky people have a chance to win a copy of
our brand new 'Forced Entry'. All you have to
do is to answer a little question:

In what country did RAM perform
live for the first time ever?

1. Italy X. Switzerland 2. Egypt

To participate, mail your name and address
and your answer to forcedentry@ram-metal.com

RAM to open for Dark Tranquillity. at Monday 7th November, 2005 by oscar
RAM will be one of the opening acts for Dark Tranquillty in Stockholm @ Klubben the 28th of December & Gothenburg @ Trägårn the 29th of December. Other bands participating will be Burst and All Ends.

Be there to experince some real neckbreaking action!

New song posted online at Friday 28th October, 2005 by HG
New song 'Shadowman' from our forthcoming album 'Forced Entry'
now available for download. Enjoy!

RAM - Live in Stockholm at Wednesday 19th October, 2005 by HG
RAM will perform live in Stockholm on Nov 25th @ Tantogården.
Special guests this night are 'Defueld' and 'Skellington'.
Tyrant of 'Nifelheim' will be our guest DJ.

Tickets to the gig are available through merchandise@ram-metal.com
Book it! The price will be 80 SEK. Age limit: 18.
Come and bang!

Forced Entry will be released the 25 of November at Sunday 2nd October, 2005 by oscar
The 25 of November is the official release date of our new album "Forced Entry". The first 1000 copies will be released through "Black Path Metal recordings". The album is available for pre-order through CDON.com

A release party where RAM will perform live, will be held at Sticky Fingers (top floor) in Gothenburg on the 24 of November. All ticket sales will be handled by us, drop us a line at merchandise@ram-metal.com if you are interested.


The new album named and cover revealed. at Monday 12th September, 2005 by oscar
RAM's full-length debut album will be called "Forced Entry". The new cover can be viewed at
this location.
The Album has been mastered by Göran Finnberg.

We are very, very happy with how "Forced Entry" sounds and can't wait to unleash it upon the headbanging community.


RAM Live at Tuesday 6th September, 2005 by HG
RAM Live September 22 in Stockholm @ 'Pub Anchor' .

New Album update. at Wednesday 27th July, 2005 by oscar
We are hard at work with our first full length release, everything has been recorded and we have just begun the mixing process. Just as the E.P this album is being produced by Leif Larsson and RAM. The album was recorded at "Black Path" studios and will be mixed in Gothenburg based "Brewhouse" Studios.

The new album will show a new dimension of RAM's music since it is faster, heavier, harder, more melodic, more progressive and simpler all at the same time. Where the E.P was "Uncompromising Heavy Metal" the new album displays a more personal sound.

The production is a perfect blend between the classic early eighties European Heavy Metal sound and a more contemporary "High Tech" metal sound, still the Production captues the bands natrual sound and is far from overproduced.

Sudden Impact (rerecorded)
The Beast Within
Venom in my Veins
Machine Invaders (rerecorded)
Forced Entry
Sea of Skulls
Breaking Through
Infuriator (rerecorded)
Burning Scars

The album is sceduled for a fall 2005 release.
Through which channels the album will be released has not yet been decided, RAM are currently in negotiations with several possible partners.

RAM Live at Tuesday 5th July, 2005 by HG
RAM Live July 15 in Gothenburg @ Club Metallterrassen.

RAM Confirmed For Thunders Over MiriquidiFestival at Sunday 29th May, 2005 by HG
RAM, PRIMORDIAL, CANCER and DEFLESHED are among the bands that have been confirmed for the Thunders Over Miriquidi festival, set to take place July 8-9 in Annaberg – Buchholz, Germany. For more information, visit www.thunders-over-miriquidi.de.

RAM 'Sudden Impact' at Wednesday 11th May, 2005 by HG
To all of you who have tried to order our 'Sudden Impact' EP
lately we'd like to let you know it is now available at CDON.COM
and Tower Records This 2nd edition includes a bonus track,
our version of Black Sabbath's 'Disturbing the Priest'

RAM Live at Sunday 8th May, 2005 by HG
RAM will be performing live in Gothenburg, Sweden, June 3
with Devil Lee Rot. Check this site out for more info.

RAM complete new album at Thursday 21st April, 2005 by HG
RAM enter the studio to complete the new album. More news will follow!

RAM would like to thank the crazy Ram-bangers who supported us
at the Motala Metal Festival. Also many thanks to TPL Records and
the bands at the festval. Next assault will be on April 30th at Club Intro.

RAM confirmed to participate at 'Motala Metal Festival' at Thursday 3rd March, 2005 by HG
RAM will be performing live in Motala, Sweden at the 'Motala Metal Festival' on April 16th along with DISSECTION and ARISE. There will be a total of 6 bands performing. More info can be found at www.tpl.se

RAM LIVE in Spain at Wednesday 15th December, 2004 by HG
RAM would like to thank Sebastian Bach and his band & crew for
a great time in Spain. Also many thanks to promotor RM Concerts,
Hapax and the fantastic Spanish crowd.

If you have pictures from the shows that you would like to share
with us you are welcome to send them to ram@ram-metal.com

RAM LIVE in Spain at Sunday 21st November, 2004 by HG
We are very happy to announce that we will be opening
for Sebastian Bach, three dates in Spain. We look forward
to get the chance to rock the spanish headbangers!!!

Spanish INFURIATOUR 2004:
10/12: MADRID - Macumba
11/12: BERGARA - Sala Jam
12/12: BARCELONA - Razzmatazz 2

RAM Live in Germany at Monday 20th September, 2004 by HG
RAM confirmed for the KEEP IT TRUE Warm Up Show November 5th.
More information can be found at www.keep-it-true.de.

RAM Live in Germany at Tuesday 13th July, 2004 by HG
Many thanks to the crazy metalheads at Lichtspielhaus, Itzehoe
and Headbangers Open Air 2004 and thank you Hermann & Andrea
for all your help, you are great!!!

RAM will have a short rest and then continue to work on the next
recording scheduled for release later this year.

RAM Newsletter at Tuesday 22nd June, 2004 by HG
Added a link for those who would like to receive our

Pictures from the Metaltown Festival can be viewed here

Pictures from Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg at Thursday 3rd June, 2004 by HG
Pictures from the gig at Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg 2004-05-01 can be found at this location

RAM confirmed to participate at MetalTown in Gothenburg at Monday 31st May, 2004 by HG
RAM will be performing live in Gothenburg, Sweden at the Metaltown Festival on June 19th along with Alice Cooper, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames. The complete Metaltown line-up can be found at www.metaltown.se

RAM Live in Germany! at Monday 24th May, 2004 by oscar
We are happy to announce that we will be headlining the "HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR" festivals Warm Up Party in Itzehoe, Germany 8/7.
We are really looking forward to deliver some Neck Breaking Metal to the German Metal Heads! For more info check this site out:

Oscar, RAM

RAM to open for BLAZE in Gothenburg. at Wednesday 21st April, 2004 by oscar
We are very Happy to announce that we will be the opening act for BLAZE in Gothenburg the 1/5 at the venue STICKY FINGERS.

We had a great time with the guys from BLAZE at the METAL DAYZ festival last year so we are really looking forward to having a beer with them again.

Metal Heads of Gothenburg, prepare to get BLOWN AWAY!


RAM live at Tuesday 30th March, 2004 by HG
RAM would like to thank the great crowd in Halmstad, Bullet,
Devil Lee Rot & Destiny and everyone at Rockstugan for a great
metal night.

Stay Metal!

RAM live. at Sunday 29th February, 2004 by oscar
RAM will be performing live in Halmstad, Sweden 27/3. With Destiny, Devil Lee Rot and Bullet. Unfortunatley Leif will not be able to play so Tyrant from the excellent Black Metal act Nifelheim will handle the bass this one time.
Check this site out for more info http://hem.passagen.se/klubbkaos/


Sudden Impact vinyl out now! at Saturday 14th February, 2004 by oscar
I am very proud to announce the release of the vinyl version of the "Sudden Impact" EP. It contains a bonus track, our cover of the Black Sabbath classic "Disturbing the Priest" and can be bought from www.ancientarts.de

In other news I can say that unfortunatley the "None More Black" book will not be released, so those of you who are burning to hear the Sabbath track will have to get the vinyl!

Oscar, RAM

News update at Monday 22nd December, 2003 by HG
Added link to our version of
Disturbing the priest to appear on the earlier mentioned
"None more black" cd. Enjoy!

Update at Wednesday 17th December, 2003 by oscar
We are Very proud to announce that our E.P Sudden Impact will be pressed in a vinyl version through the mighty Metal Supremacy records (check their other releases out here:www.ancientarts.de). We have just returned from a visit to the labels base in Itzehoe, Germany and everything is set for an early 2004 release. We would like to thank Andrea and Hermann for their hard work and for being such excellent hosts!


news Update at Friday 17th October, 2003 by oscar
Since all of the news posted here disapeared as well, here's a brief update on what's going on.
We are to appear on a CD that will be released with the book "None More Black" that will hit the stores around Christmas. The book covers the post Ozzy era of the almighty Black Sabbath. We recorded a version of "Disturbing the Priest" and we are very pleased with the recording.

Stay Heavy
Oscar, RAM

Site is up again! at Friday 17th October, 2003 by admin
Because of some hardware trouble on one of our hosts servers this site has been down for some time, but, now it is up and running again and I hope that it will stay so for a while.